Friday fun-day

First off, I’ve had this song stuck in my head since my last post. Such an old-school jam! Takes me right back to the summer before junior year of high school. J-Lo is lookin’ fly as ever and Ja Rule… well, Ja Rule has always been, um, Ja Rule.

I’ve decided to make today’s update a fun one, mostly because I’m so burnt out one week (and going strong) into my 21-day blogging challenge! Remember how the whole point of doing this every day was to force myself not to get all perfectionist about my writing? Well, I’m finding that it’s really hard! I’ll sit down with an idea for the day’s post, confident that I can pump it out in half an hour. I end up hunched over my laptop, writing/fact checking/picture uploading/editing/repeat x10, for over two. I don’t know how to put less effort into it. I’ve had less time to exercise after work, and the worst that I thought might happen–losing sleep because I’m staying up late to blog–has happened almost every night this week. I don’t understand how people do it. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t survive doing this for a living (I’d die of either obesity, starvation, or sleep deprivation since I’d easily go days without moving, eating or sleeping). If you’re able to successfully update your blog every day, how in the hell do you do it??? Please be kind and share your secrets with me!

Anyway, enough with that stuff. Fun post time! So you know what’s fun?

Hinamatsuri! Also known as the festival of dolls, or more popularly, GIRLS’ DAY! It was yesterday, 3/3.

A hinamatsuri doll display craft one of my classes made.

According to some of my teachers, Girls’ Day isn’t as big of a deal in Okinawa as it is in the rest of Japan… which is a shame, since girls are awesome. However, we did get some nummy hinamatsuri arare with school lunch yesterday.


Reminds me more of the kaki mochi that was my favorite snack growing up in Hawaii than it does any of the senbei I’ve eaten here.

We have a joke in Hawaii. Q: “How often do you eat kaki mochi?” A: “Every arare.” :P

You know what else is fun?

When your graduating students draw cute pictures of you and write you nice messages in English!

Awwww, doesn’t it look just like me? GOD I love the seito!!!!

You know what ELSE is fun?

Meeting up with world renown ramen guru Keizo for Okinawa soba last week, AND getting a shout-out in his blog which is amazing. I feel like a quasi-celeb… thanks Keizo!  In a few weeks I get to eat at his restaurant in Tokyo where he’s currently living the ramen dream… even more fun to look forward to!

Finally, wanna know what is possibly the MOST fun thing that’s happened all week?

Today, my blog’s traffic number hit an all-time high: 123 page visits, yo! :)

Yeah, I’m still in that honeymoon phase of daily blogging where I’m enamored with statistics… primarily because, prior to a few days ago, my blog’s busiest day was over a year ago, and that number was a humble 55 (Mom must have kept restarting the computer that day). To see it jump to the triple digits after just a few days of consistently updating sort of makes up for all the sleep I lost. Thanks for that, readers…. you’re awesome! And I only spend so much time writing posts because I really do like doing it. Just gotta work on keeping things a little more concise.

And that’s your Friday fun-day update! Day 7 complete (with minimum numbness accumulated in my ass… surprisingly this didn’t take me that long. Maybe I’m learning already??). Have a great weekend everyone!


One thought on “Friday fun-day

  1. Here is my secret. Some days, I am really feeling blogging. I am able to dedicate a few hours to it, and am just really into writing (and fact checking and researching and photo editing). So I churn out a few entries, and bank them to publish on certain dates. Then I do not feel compelled to blog EVERY day, and the desire to blog comes and goes as it pleases.

    There was also a time when it was more of a personal blog, and less of a food blog. Now that I write and take photos of food, it has become easier to just write targeted entries.

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