In a rainy mood

Sometimes the rain gets a bad rap. It makes driving, and generally being outside with somewhere to go, a bitch, messes with weekend plans and outdoor running schedules, and in extreme cases causes floods and natural disasters that definitely aren’t a lot of fun. In spite of this, I absolutely adore the rain. I love that it gives me an excuse to curl up at home and be lazy; the trickling mini-rivers it creates on the streets; and most of all, the sound of it. There are few things I find more soothing and therapeutic than being at home listening to raindrops hitting trees and rooftops and pavement outside. I’m sure this has a lot to do with where I grew up, on the wet Windward side of Oahu at the base of the Ko`olau mountain range; it rained often, and after a heavy rain, little waterfalls would stream down the ridges in the mountains, and I could hear them from my house. A good, hard rain is something I missed while living in San Francisco (where the rain tends to be light and misty), so I consider myself lucky to now be in Okinawa, where when it rains, it POURS–the raindrops here are wonderfully gigantic and make the best splashing noises that I’ve ever heard!

The rain-formed waterfalls of yore (Oahu, HI; photo from

Honestly, I can’t wait for the torrential downpours of rainy season to return (May to June-ish). But until then, the occasional shower, and, will have to do. Ahhhh, insta-rain… amazing.


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