The 21-Day Blogging Challenge

Lately I’ve been giving a closer and longer look to blogs written by friends and strangers on various topics, and it amazes me how so many people are able to update their blogs on a daily or near-daily basis (with the quality generally ranging from decent to excellent). The thought of producing web content that is up to my own personal standards every day (or even every other) is pretty damn daunting. Besides the obvious that it seems like a whole lot of work that I’m not sure how those with paid employment are able to keep up with, I know that a big part of the problem for me is my dogged attempts at perfectionism. When it comes to writing, I can’t stand the thought of presenting something that is less than my best work. If there are thoughts to get across, I had best make sure they are conveyed fully and clearly.

Not only does my compulsion to communicate things just so cause the process of a single blog post to take even more time than it should–it is exhausting, frustrating, and takes the fun out of the entire thing. Curse the damn perfectionist in me! (which makes itself known in this, and other parts of my life… where the results can be much more damaging than a month-long silence on the Internet). If I’m honest with myself, I’ve always felt that I should probably do more to combat my relentless quest at achieving perfection, which of course has always been an undertaking made in vain. It also often leads to more self-perceived failure and actual self-destruction than the intended good.

Where am I going with all of this? You probably already know.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to posting a blog update EVERY DAY for the next 3 weeks (I know that seems like a random duration of time, but the truth is I’m going on a trip to mainland Japan and China on March 19th [woohoo!], at which time there will SURELY be a two-week long absence of Kate-colored content). I already know this is gonna drive me crazy, not just for the time-consuming factor, but simply because I’m so freaking anal about my writing. At least a handful of blogworthy musings fly through my head daily–I’ve just been too particular to share them. My hope is that by forcing myself to write every day, I’ll teach myself to be more spontaneous and less nitpicky (but not necessarily less thoughtful). And unless I’m looking to drastically reduce my average hours of sleep this month, I’m hoping that through this experiment I’ll learn how to spend less time obsessing over how I present myself–through my writing, yes, but hopefully also in a larger sense.

So there you have it, Day 1’s update: an update on updating (more frequently, and less anally, that’swhatshesaid). Sorry in advance for the additional noise around here… but I suppose you could say I’m on a mission!

If I could conquer the lightning bolt path at the climbing gym I’d been trying for weeks, then I can do this!


3 thoughts on “The 21-Day Blogging Challenge

  1. Your blog is the only one that I read & probably the only one that’s of interest to me. I tried to keep up with Kim’s music review blog but got bored. Does she still write that one? Do you remember when I used to call the things you said “Katie-isms” or “The World According to Kate”? And now it’s called B-L-O-G. Don’t particularly like that word….Katie-isms I do like. Love that rock climbing pic of you, BTW.

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