Let’s reflect and stuff.

I meant to write something like this at the end of last year, or in January at the very latest, but tricky time never slows (Deep Dish, anyone?) and I’ve somehow found myself in the second week of February already. Regardless, I won’t let the moment walk me by without bothering to

  1. Say hello (to 2011)
  2. Bid a proper farewell (to 2010)

I’ll be doing the latter with the following two lists:

Things that happened in the United States of America in 2010 that I’m sad I missed

  • My baby sis graduated from high school (May 2010) and made the big move across the ocean to the Pacific Northwest, land of the beavers (though by academic loyalties, I suppose she’s a Duck) (September 2010).
  • My family’s sweet, fluffy American Eskimo of six years went to doggy heaven. Rest in peace, Kea love (May 2010).
  • We welcomed the newest edition to our family, a mischievous little terrier mix named Koko who I’m excited to meet! (July 2010)
  • Giants won the World Series!!!!!!!  (October 2010)
  • Some important ladies in my life tied the knot (October/November 2010). Though I was lucky enough to make it to ONE of their weddings! (July 2010)

Things that happened in Japan in 2010 that I’m happy I caught

  • Konan High School from Okinawa KILLED in national high school baseball and easily became champs of spring and summer Kōshien (the second being the country’s largest amateur sport event of the year). Do not underestimate the importance of these events… this was a very, VERY big deal in Okinawa! (April/August 2010)
  • I bought my first car (meaning, paid for a car with my own money for the first time). However small and radio-less, Miles (マイルス) is my trusty partner in crime whenever I get an itch to go adventuring around the island :) (August 2010).
  • Just in time to usher Miles into the reins of yours truly, the Okinawa Expressway became FREE to use (July 2010). (Unfortunately, I and everyone else on this island will have to start paying again in April of this year.)
  • Conflict ensued between Okinawans and the Japanese government to get rid of/move Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, an American military base on Okinawa, bringing the prefecture continuous national and international media attention (ongoing through 2010).
  • I traveled to three foreign countries for the first time each (ok, so I guess that didn’t occur ONLY in Japan, although it does count as one of the countries… the other two being Taiwan and Thailand). (January/November/December 2010)

What a year to be away from home :(. BUT what a year for black and orange baseball, and what a year to be in Japan! Okinawa in particular.  I can only hope that this next year is just as memorable (though I’m preeetty positive it will be).

So with that, to address the former order of business: Hey, 2011! I hope you’re awesome.


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