Great, it’s snowing in my fridge again.

The last time this happened, a block of ice accumulated on the top of my 2.5 foot-tall refrigerator (by the way, why the hell can I not spell “refrigerator” correctly without looking it up? Apparently because “fridge” is spelled with a “d” and “refrigerator” is not, that’s why). One day I opened my little Japanese appliance and found a beer bottle trapped in the frozen mass. Completely stuck to the inner ceiling. Actually, now that I think about it this probably couldn’t have happened overnight… I must have noticed the ice creeping closer and closer to the top shelf over time, unless I really went that long a period without cooking anything. In any case, if I saw it happening, I totally chose to do nothing about it. Anyway, once it became clear that Sam Adams was not gonna come out on his own, I took several lame attempts to free him from his captor. One of these included burning myself (tip: don’t try to melt an ice block on the ceiling of your fridge using a tumbler about the same height as the top shelf, unless you like dousing your own hand with boiling water… it’s not very smart). Others consisted of using the little plastic chipper tool that came with my fridge–which at the time I had no idea what it was nor what purpose it served–to try to scrape away at the ice block. That didn’t work either. I started getting REALLY concerned when I again opened my fridge one day, only to find that the glacier had CRUSHED the poor bottle… broken glass all over the place, the beer’s brownish frozen body naked, completely exposed and vulnerable! It was so sad and kind of scary. I finally decided one day to expend one last-ditch, half-ass effort and left the fridge door partly open for about 24 hours, kind of sort of defrosting my fridge but not completely. Voila! The glacier melted away, the remnants of it dropped, and the beer bottle (albeit in more pieces than it began) was now free. I vowed to never let freezer burn (nor the traditional type of burning) claim any casualties, live or inanimate, in my refriGerator again.

That is why when I came home today and the ice was still in its frosty buildup stage, I went straight to work with my awesome little chipping tool. Titanic 2 averted. I am so proud.

*The End*

PS Excuse for why this post might really suck: I’m trying to make a comeback to my blog. Bear with me, please.


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