High school baseball in Japan

This past weekend, Konan High School from Naha, Okinawa played in spring kōshien (Japan’s national high school baseball invitational tournament) and WON! Even though it’s just high school baseball, in a country that loves the sport even more than the U.S. it apparently is still a big deal. Thank goodness last week was spring break, as my coworkers were glued to the TV all week long cheering on Konan, who day by day beat every other Japanese high school team they played, leading up to their big win on Saturday.

I was at the local mall shopping for groceries when the final game of the series was on this past Saturday, and I couldn’t help but stop to watch. Masses of people had gathered around several large TVs set up specifically to show the game–it was so crowded I had to make use of standing room only from the second floor! Konan was losing early in the game, but by I think the 8th inning they tied the score at 5-5. They went into extra innings where nobody scored for forever, and in the top of the 12th Konan ran away with the game scoring 5 more runs, leaving their opponents to simply crumble. Final score: 10-5!

I have never seen a more exciting game!

What made it even better, of course, was the company. The mall was packed full of prideful Okinawans rooting for the home team. Ya’lls know I love me some baseball, so I’m glad to have been a part of it.

The crowd watching the Konan game at the mall, taken from the 2nd floor.

Konan wins! (stolen from Kyodo News, but hey at least I still cred)

The kid who pitched a complete game for Konan. He was on fiyahhhhh (also stolen from Kyodo News)

And did I mention I love Konan’s colors?


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