Hair we go! (in Nihongo)

I did it!

I scheduled a haircut for myself for today after work!

There’s a cute little salon named Nicole (ニコル) across the street from my apartment. For the past month or so, I’ve been trying to muster up the courage to make an appointment there to get my hair cut. Most of the other JETs go to an Okinawan woman in Naha; she’s married to a Canadian ex-pat who owns a couple of bars here, speaks and understands English well and allegedly “knows” how to cut foreigners’/Westerns’ hair. Westerner that I am (Cali West Coast, what!), on the outside at least I am, unavoidably, an Asian. I have Asian hair. So I’ve opted to go all the way Asian with the 100% Asian stylists. And although I’m terrified at the thought of having anyone else come near my head with a pair of scissors other than the awesome lady who’d been cutting my hair for the past three years in SF (found her on Yelp and absolutely loved her… she cuts hair out of her apartment and for super duper hella cheap), I’ll admit I’ve been somewhat excited to get a Japanese haircut. Not a crazy Japanese haircut or anything. Just a nice haircut that falls the right way and flatters my face, which I don’t believe all the stylists I’ve gone to back home were capable of giving me because they didn’t understand how Asian hair works.

But the stylists here should know how to cut my hair and make it look cute…


Pray for me, that I don’t come out looking like this:

I’ll be just as angry if my new haircut turns out this way.


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