Whatever happened to The Vagina Monologues?

At some point prior to moving to Japan, I became aware of the fact that less than a month into my arrival there would fall a certain dreaded holiday. I’m not sure what part of me came to assume that it would not be something celebrated this side of the globe, but in any case, I think I figured that I’d be much too preoccupied/busy to even notice its coming and going.

I was CLEARLY unversed in the festivities of this holiday in my soon-to-be country.

So Valentine’s Day in Japan falls on the same good ol’ February 14th, and per usual it has refused to allow me to escape its presence. It is still widely associated with the giving and receiving of chocolates and the vomiting of hearts EVERYWHERE. As in the states, it is impossible for the average consumer to avoid its anticipation. However, the biggest difference is that here, it is customary for girls to give boys gifts on this particular date. There’s a big thing about homemade chocolate here… if you give someone chocolate you made yourself (uhhh, I don’t think I can even melt chocolate myself), then you LUUUUUURRRVVVE them!

Then, one month later, there’s something called White Day. This is when the males that received gifts from females reciprocate the presents.  Obviously this is a hallmark holiday at best–I think whoever made it up was hoping to make things easier for men, who, while in normal circumstances have absolutely no idea what to get their women (that they’ll actually like, at least), are good to go as long as their gift is the color of the day. Specifically, it seems as if white chocolate is widely circulated. I’ll have to wait and see what these shenanigans really look like come March 14th.

For the school-aged, however, I think it’s mostly girls giving their girlfriends chocolate and valentines. I received the sweetest thing ever this past Friday:

Homemade chocolate from one of my 8th graders… awww, she loves me!

Will I get any more of these tomorrow? Please please please!


5 thoughts on “Whatever happened to The Vagina Monologues?

  1. Cute gift! How sweet! The pic added a lot to the post.

    The 14th there sounds like sadies. So weird, but I love it when roles are reversed: it gives people a great opportunity to become more self aware.

    Maybe I should go to japan next year in feb…

  2. There are three types of chocolate: tomo, giri and honmei. Tomo is for friends, giri is given out of duty (think coworkers) and honmei is the real deal.

    Last year, I received chocolate from 15 girls. I must have spent a couple hours baking 3-4 dozen cookies for White Day, though.

    I hope you get more chocolate today!

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