It’s been a long time coming for this site.

I originally set up this account in early October, in fact at a cruising altitude of tens of thousands of feet in the sky and en route from SFO to JFK (I know, Virgin America rocks). In addition to wanting to fend off the potential ennui threatened by the five hour-long flight to New York, at the time I was simply desperate to find any useful outlet for the whirlwind of emotions I was feeling inside. I thought, hey, now’s the perfect time to start that new blog you’ve been wanting to do for a while! It’s true, for years I had been telling myself that one day I’d upgrade my high school Xanga site (SO 2002!) to a fancy, professional-looking, grownup weblog. I still sporadically visit the good old pen and paper method of private journaling as well, but I’ve always had a bit of a voyeuristic, narcissistic side that cries out for validation. Sometimes your joyful and melancholy experiences alike just seem too good–too human–not to share on the Internet. Right?

It probably took me about 10 minutes to sign up on WordPress. But, staring blankly onto a foreign interface sprinkled with everyday words with new and ambiguous meanings (ie “dashboard”) and other vaguely familiar but not quite right ones (ie “widget”), I was faced with the new thought:

Where in the hell do I even begin?

As I felt the creative juices that seemed to flow so freely just moments prior suddenly drain away, I rubbed my temples, sighed out loud, switched to hulu.com and proceeded to watch the next two available episodes of Glee.

Kate-colored glasses lay dormant for months.

In retrospect, I know there was no way of knowing back then then that a relatively short while later, I’d come across a better, more productive reason to share my life with friends and strangers through online writing. In the perpetual state of turmoil I remained in for the final quarter of 2009, I had no idea that that December I’d be presented with the amazing opportunity to trade in everything familiar to me for a real foreign interface (at essentially a moment’s notice). I was offered a job to teach English in Japan–a dream that I had put to bed much earlier in the year–and was given four days to decide. Upon making the obvious choice (though not-so… it was a difficult four days, for reasons I will not go into here), I put in my two-weeks notice, packed the majority of my belongings away into storage, and left [my heart in] San Francisco, the place I had lived, loved, and sought love for the past six years.

Not knowing the whole story, it may seem crazy. But it couldn’t have been more right. I know this for a fact.

Now, I sit in the quiet kitchen of my parent’s house in sunny Honolulu (home until age 18), trying for the life of me to get this dang blog on the road. I have less than a week and a half until my departure to Japan, a country I have never visited, to teach English to children, a job I have never done.

And so, while terribly loquacious (get used to it!), if nothing else this pilot entry serves to answer one of the questions that plagued me at a more nascent stage of my journey:

Where in the hell do I even begin?

Here. I begin right here.


8 thoughts on “Pilot

  1. Yay Kate! Congrats on your first post. Can’t wait to read the many more that will follow. I love the colors and the picture! Miss you– enjoy your last few days in Hawaii!

    • Thanks Miss Sara! It took me effing forever to set this simple page up! Even though I used a template, everything had to be just so. As you well know, since you know my anal-ness :). Miss you too, and I’m calling you soon birthday girl!

  2. yayyyy your blog is up!! i was soooo happy to see you this break! have an awesome, awesome time in okinawa and let’s keep in touch! (send me your okinawa address when you get it, okay?)


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